You are trapped in the Game Master’s world

The only way out is to beat his video game challenges and defeat the baddies

Or be trapped forever…


Find Clues

Observe your surroundings, discover clues, and solve the puzzles.

Work Together

Work together to unlock challenges and move forward in the story line.

Make Your Escape

Beat the Game Master or be trapped forever!

Capacity: Up to 10 players

Time: 60 minutes

Theme: Escape the Game World

Special Notes: Please note that you may be grouped with other players unless you purchase all room slots. Please contact us to add additional players.

Escape Arcadia Reviews

“My family and I have done many escape rooms and Escape Arcadia is the best room yet.”


“Had a blast!!! Great place and so much fun”

Nissi C

“I’ve been to about 6 escape rooms in different states and countries…def my top choice”

Stephanie G

“Do the Escape Arcadia! Amazing experience, nice employees, very clean, and puzzles are put together very well!”


“A wonderful room I would do again.”

Katherine L

“A great experience”

Shar G

“Escape Arcadia room was an absolute blast!”

Melissa S

“Very fun with family and friends.”


“Highly recommend”

Mike L

“Escape Arcadia was really fun!”


“We did the arcade room. And the room was a blast to play! I’ve legit never seen this room before”


“My friends & I experienced the Arcadia room & it was amazing! Will definitely do this again”


“The Arcadia Room was so much fun!”


“Escape arcadia is an intense amazing game! It is an exciting, fast pace, high energy game! It will not disappoint. Mark is a fantastic game master too!”


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