An escape crime story…

The Man in the Mask has claimed another victim.

You must help the detective find clues and use the evidence found at the crime scene.

Find the Man In The Mask.

Before it’s too late…


7 detectives


60 minutes


Murder Mystery


Find Clues

Observe your surroundings, discover clues, and solve the puzzles.

Work Together

Work together to unlock challenges and move forward in the story line.

Make Your Escape

Find the masked man and make your escape before it’s too late!

Exits: 1
Capacity: 7 detectives
Time: 0 minutes

Capacity: Up to 10 detectives

Time: 60 minutes

Theme: Murder Mystery

Special Notes: Please note that you may be grouped with other players unless you purchase all room slots. Please contact us to add additional players.

Man in the Mask Reviews

“Well designed, with good puzzle progression. Nothing short of amazing.”

Ashley S

“It was lots of fun….definitely coming back and recommend to friends”

Evalise F

“We had a blast!! […] very challenging and keeps you on your toes, never a dull moment. Can’t wait to go back”

Maureen S


Roland B

“Amazing escape room! …all around wonderful.”

Brittani P

“I celebrated my birthday with 9 others in the man in the mask room, OMG what a ball!”


“We had a great time!”


“We booked Man in the mask for a family night. Was super fun”


“Short wait, friendly staff, and a very fun room. All around we had a great time”


“We had a blast! It was fun trying to figure out all the clues.”

Kelly S

“I went with my co-workers and we really enjoyed the Man in the Mask room. It was mind boggling yet exciting”


“We did the man in the mask room and had a blast”


“We all loved it. We will definitely be back to try the other rooms.”


“Super fun”


“It was so much fun!”


“My husband and I have done A LOT of escape rooms and “Bet You Can’t Escape” ranks near the top of the list. We completed the “Man in the Mask” room and fully enjoyed our experience. The clues flowed smoothly and never left us grasping at straws.”


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